FAQ for Visitors

March 10, 2013

Where to Stay

Holiday Inn Express Vancouver is located directly across the street from the PNE entrance.

2889 E Hastings St, Vancouver

(604) 254-1000

Vancouver offers hotels and hostels at a wide range of prices, many within easy busrides of our venues.

Where to Eat

Laughing Bean is located two blocks west of the PNE entrance, and have supported Madskillz for years! See their menu here.

2695 E Hastings St, Vancouver

(604) 251-5282


Canadian dollars are accepted everywhere, VISA, MasterCard, and debit/Interac cards are accepted in most places (but not at Madskillz itself, cash only unless you order online!), American cash is accepted by some larger business but it is not common or guaranteed.

Currency exchange kiosks can be found at YVR Airport, and the VIA/Greyhound/Amtrak terminal located near Main St at Terminal Ave.

In Case of Medical Emergency

The front desk crew at every venue will have procedures for contacting onsite first aid and Emergency Medical Services, please report to them for assistance. If you are away from a festival venue, dial 911 for police, fire or ambulance services.

Drop-in medical clinics are located around the city, with services available for a fee if you do not have MSP coverage.

Care Point Commercial Drive is located centrally to the festival venues.

1623 Commercial Dr, Vancouver

(604) 254-5554

Internet Access

Our venues do not have public wifi available. Internet cafes can be found on Commercial Drive that will offer wifi or computer use for a fee. Many local coffee shops and restaurants offer free wifi with food purchases.

What to Bring

Props! Toys! Tools! Objects to be manipulated! If you are bringing items that have been previously burned, please have their wicks securely covered.

Please do not bring fuel into any of the venues.

Weather & Clothing

Vancouver’s weather is unpredictable: warm sun, cold rain, both, neither! Bring layers to wear during Open Gym and Workshops, and show us your most awesome circus rave party outfit at Saturday Night’s Gala and After Party!